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Career Base Camp (CBC)


What are they? People with power, success and influence in your chosen field who take an interest in your growth and provide you with periodic advice. As they learn about you and watch you grow, they can also be a rich source of job and growth opportunities for you.

Mentors can be incredibly helpful to you as you plan for, start and grow your career.

How do I find a Mentor?

Search your profession or career field. Read articles published by people in your field. Select universities and colleges with the finest programs and connect with a handful of outstanding professors.

Look locally for people who have an excellent reputation in your field.

Then select one and write them a letter that:

  1. Introduces yourself
  2. Shares your interest and passion for their field of work.
  3. Explains what it is about them that has impressed you.
  4. Asks them if they would be willing to discuss issues with you about the field and share their advice on courses you should take and opportunities you are considering periodically. (If they aren't local, set this up as a phone call or email contact.)
  5. Includes a follow-up date when you will call them.
  6. Thanks them for their consideration.

Follow up with the phone call.

If they agree to be a mentor, setup a contact every 1-2 months. Keep your contacts short and to the point. Their time is very limited and you want to show them you understand that. Make sure you send them information of interest, as well as taking from them. To work, it needs to be balanced.

If they can't make the commitment, ask them if they have someone they would recommend who you could contact.

Then repeat the process.

Ideally you will have one to two mentors at all times.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. -Confucius